becauseimhisgranger: Do you know of any links for Emma's Jimmy Fallon interview?

You can watch what I think is the full interview here :)

1 year ago

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thank youu hun! ♥♥

2 years ago

rupertlovely: hi, if you like my tumblr, can you follow me please? thanks <3

unfortunately, candidemma is a sideblog so we can’t follow anyone back on it sorry

2 years ago

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thank youu!!

2 years ago

Anonymous: Do you know if Emma is in New York right now? or how long she is there for?

Emma seems to be in New York right now since there are candids of her on the 26th but I’m not sure how long she will be staying.

2 years ago

dougwashmylord: you're in my follow forever ! <3 /post/19444542231/followforever

sdjahkl thank you so very much!!

2 years ago

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ok, sure!! :D

2 years ago

magically-watson: would it be okay if i use one of your gifs for my follow friday?

Which one? :)

2 years ago

thecumberlord: do you know where i can get hi res images of emma? i can't seem to find many :3

I get most of my images from here, here, and here. Sometimes I also use Google images with terms like: emma watson candids or emma watson vogue etc, then I chose to show only large pictures. Hope this was helpful! :D

2 years ago

Anonymous: ta votando em HP no VMMA?

Sorry? I only speak english :(

2 years ago